Cancellation, Return & Refund policy

  1. Order cancellation and price refund:

RajarShop may cancel any order as required due to product issues or seller issues or any technical issues, due to natural calamities, providing incorrect information or other issues.The money will be refunded to the customer through the customer’s bank account or mobile banking through which the money was paid. However, after canceling the order, it may take from a few hours to several days for the refund money to reach the customer. We will endeavor to contact the seller as soon as possible and complete the internal system of our subject to make a quick refund to the customer’s account.

Or if the customer asks to add balms to his own wallet of Rajarshop, it will be added to the wallet, the customer will be able to buy any product with full money as soon as it is added to the wallet.


After placing the order or after the product goes to the courier or after the product goes to the customer, if the customer cancels the order due to personal reasons or refuses to take, the return charge has to be paid by the customer as per the rules of the said courier.

If the product ordered by the customer goes to another product without delivery to the customer by mistake, then if the buyer returns the product to us, we will deliver the desired product again. In this case the buyer will no need to pay the return cost, the seller will bear the return cost for their own mistakes.

  1. All the products in our online shop which do not have the option to take the “COD” method and the products which will be in the store named “Imported from another country” will be clearly stated in the product delivery time description. Imported delivery is given, if you read all the details carefully before ordering, you will be at ease. In this case, the customer will no longer be able to cancel the order after 1 hour of ordering the products of this store, and the product will be given in case of ordering of this store, so the refund application is not acceptable.

With the exception of “Imported from another country” store, any product of a different name (local-foreign) can be delivered as fast as domestic ordinary product in less time in “COD” method. In that case, when you buy the product, you will read the description of that product and it will be clear.

3. If you order the product in “COD” method or “Cash on Delivery” then after receiving the product, check if the product is fully operational or in the presence of the courier carrier or delivery provider. If there is any problem with the product, immediately mention the appropriate reason and return it to us through the Delivery Man. If you do not receive the product for personal reasons, pay the courier charge according to the courier rules. No refund or replacement application is accepted after receiving the product in COD method. In this case, if the product has a guarantee or warranty from his band or is provided to you, then you will definitely get the full benefit of refund or replacement with guarantee or warranty.

The Rajarshop Online Shop Authority reserves the right to change, modify, cancel or add anything to this Online Shop at any time, including any rules and regulations, subject matter.

To make RajarShop online shopping platform better and more self-fulfilling, you can send us your valuable suggestions, complaints, requests, opinions by sending us a message on our support mail or Facebook page and we will take it at ease.

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