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Rajarshop is an online shopping site. We try our best to give the gift of an online shopping mall that is suitable and comfortable for everyone, from big buyers to small sellers. We are working to create the best and digital online shopping platform in the country by combining all kinds of traders and vendors from small scale industries to businesses, from modern shopping malls to factories in the country. Also for the convenience of the esteemed domestic buyers, we show the products manufactured in different countries including America, Japan, India, China to the customers, after the buyers order those products – we import the desired product from those countries and successfully deliver it directly to the customer. We show customers “on time delivery” before ordering foreign goods. There is also the advantage of getting delivery in “COD” method for stock products including all kinds of domestic products.

When you use our online shop you will agree to shop according to all the rules of our shop for the convenience of creating a good and usable platform for everyone.

1. Your Account (My Account):

You need to open an account in our shop to purchase any product on our site and to get all kinds of benefits of online shopping. You will have to provide all the information of your account correctly in a compulsory manner.

Remember, if you do not provide this information correctly, you may suffer in order delivery after the product is ordered, which is not desirable for you or us.

If someone opens an account with the wrong information and orders with the wrong information, if they intentionally try to harass us, if our investigation proves it or if we suspect any movement against our rules and regulations, we will suspend the account, cancel the order, We can take steps. In any case, the real buyers will hopefully not face any such problem.

We want to provide the best service to the buyers, the affluence and good attitude of the buyers, the feedback will take our activities further.

2. Delivery Time Over..:

The time of product delivery or the estimated time of receipt will be displayed while ordering the product, if you are interested in taking delivery at that time then complete the order. After the order, the customer will not be able to take any haste or step before the time expires. If for any reason the customer does not receive the delivery within that time, please send the necessary information to our support (email / Facebook page) to know the details and we will inform you of the refund or next action.

The Rajarshop Online Shop Authority reserves the right to change, modify, cancel or add anything to this Online Shop at any time, including any rules and regulations, subject matter.

  • To make RajarShop online shopping platform better and more self-fulfilling, you can send us your valuable suggestions, complaints, requests, opinions by sending us a message on our support mail or Facebook page and we will take it at ease.

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